Rancor Movie Review: A definition of everything wrong in a film

rancor movie review

Have you ever seen a film in the cinema that makes you question the credibility of whoever approved that film in the first place? That is a likely feeling you will have watching the Nollywood movie, Rancor.
Are you wondering what could be wrong with Nollywood movie Rancor that qualifies it unfit for a cinema movie? Let’s look at it together.
Rancor is the story of a struggling family of 3; Mother, Daughter and Son, where the daughter(Nancy Isime) hates her brother (Alesh Sanni). The daughter mistakenly kills one of her toasters, who attempted to rape her, and in a bid to cover her up, the mother takes up the blame and eventually dies in police custody.

The daughter relocates to Lagos, brother goes to find her in Lagos, but she doesn’t allow her brother to see her. Somehow, the daughter’s husband finds brother lying on the street and decides to help brother, without knowing he is helping his brother in law. Did the husband (Mofe Duncan) eventually find out the boy he helps is his brother in law? How did he react to the revelation?

Movie Review Rancor

Starting from the storyline, everything is wrong with the plot and delivery of the film. There is no clear cut message, and there is no concrete conflict. It feels like someone decided to create something out of boredom and then took it up to the cinema. There are so many unanswered questions that get one wondering if any form of intelligent thinking went into creating the characters and the stories itself. Why does Nancy hate her brother? Why exactly are the kidnappers abducting their victims? In the end, how did Mofe Duncan find out about the boy’s hospital? Too many loose ends for a film that is showing in the cinema.
The acting in Rancor is one of the most terrible things to happen to the film. One of the reasons people sometimes advise the filmmakers not to act in the movie if they aren’t fit for the role. Why would actors be making grammatical blunders in a film?

They had all the time to cut and correct the actor. Seeing Alesh Sanni speaking such disastrous English is so disturbing, and I kept wondering why he was cast for the role. But finding out he produced it answered all the questions. Grammatical blunders that came up more than two times? No, those aren’t mistakes. But then, it isn’t really by force to speak English or act in the movie at all.

Regardless, actors like Nancy Isime and Adedimeji Lateef brought their A-Game and already angry viewers managed to let out a laugh when Lateef got to speak.

I really don’t know who should get more blame between the director and the writer but then, the director no try o. Why would you show a house in the beginning and then a different house later, claiming it is the same? The viewers aren’t dumb now! Then, what was that voice over when their mother died? That was a No-No.
There is no point in rating Rancor because it shouldn’t even have been in the cinema in the first place.



  1. tee

    January 22, 2022 at 8:49 am

    this explains why it took so long to get the movie approved for cinema, it had different canceled release date, Alesh was crying on ig and was feeling frustrated, sometimes stay in your lane and do what you are used to instead of publicly showing off your mistakes, take your time,study the industry before going in too deep by producing, dont be too quick to embarrass yourself cos you’re trying to make quick money.

  2. Ometere Abdulkarim

    February 8, 2022 at 6:16 pm

    All of y’all criticizing the movies if it that’s easy why don’t you fuvking write and produce yours so we can watch and not see the error

  3. Romoke

    February 13, 2022 at 5:33 am

    Anyways, As young as Alesh Sanni is he was able to bring out something out of nothing. Let us stop the criticism. Encourage him to be able to do more.The guy spent his money, energy and time pls Enough of this hate abeg.stop bad energy We mooooveee.

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