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Movie Review: Mirage is proof that good acting can save a bad movie



Movie Review Mirage

What comes to your mind when you see actors like Chika Ike, Ninolowo Bolanle, Tina MBA, and Kunle Remi in a movie?

I wasn’t sure what to expect, so let’s see if they wasted my time or if Mirage is worth my N5,000 ticket.

The Movie Background

Mirage is the story of a young lady (Chika Ike) living with her sisters (Tina MBA and Dayo Amusa), whom she loves and respects so much. However, despite being an adult and a graduate, she still finds it difficult to bring her boyfriend (Uzor Arukwe) of 10 years home.

She eventually summons the courage to take her man home. When her sisters met her boyfriend, they began billing him and asking that he start paying the house bills as the man. Unfortunately, he wasn’t financially stable and had to keep borrowing from his friends. On the other end, Chika Ike had a best friend (Ninolowo Bolanle) who was also in love with her.

The film centers around the decision of Uzor to marry Chika Ike despite her frustrating sisters. On the other hand, Chika Ike had to choose between Uzor Arukwe and Ninolowo Bolanle.

With the kind of storyline Mirage has, it had absolutely no business in the cinema. There is nothing spectacular about the story; it just looks like what we watch on YouTube daily. Also, it feels like the writer got tired at some point and decided to leave the movie halfway, cos what’s that ending, please? And if the writer was trying to achieve suspense, that was a flop.

Mirage Acting Review

The only thing that carried the movie was the acting. Every actor in the movie did a great job, and regardless of how weak the story plot was, we had a good life and a good time watching the actors do their thing. The sync between Tina MBA and Dayo Amusa was interesting. Chika ike played the perfect kid sister. Also, the difference in the vibe between Chika IKEA and Uzor and then Chika Ike and Ninolowo Bolanle was obvious Kunle Remi didn’t do badly at all either. In general, the acting was good.

Every other thing in the movie was fair, from directing to cinematography to costume and then make-up. I believe Mirage would have turned out a good film with a better story.

For ratings, it’s getting a 4/10