Movie Review: Marc Adebesin’s Hustle is a game of two masters

The long-awaited project of Marc Adebesin and Omowunmi Olunloyo titled Hustle was finally out in the cinema across the nation on the 9th of July 2021.

As usual, we had to go catch a quick view for the sake of our fans.

”Hustle’’ is a movie that centres on the story of Chichi and her friend “with benefits”, Baba Gee. The two started by blackmailing affluent men in the society to get money.

While with Baba Gee, Chichi was disrespected as the former was a serial womaniser who exhibited the act with no iota of care.

However, their last operation came with a twist as Chichi fell in love with a potential victim, Tunde, who just arrived after a few years in Cameroon.

Unknown to her, Tunde was an old dog in the game who had gone legal. He was, however, willing to teach her a thing or two about it and help her move to the legal way.

The EFCC arrested Baba Gee; however, Chichi would later find out Tunde was among those that led to her father’s death.

He apologises, and she would later forgive him as she was already in love.

Some of the characters in the movie include Nancy Isime, Bimbo Ademoye, Jim Iyke, Gabriel Afolayan, Woli Arole, Bolaji Ogunmola, Femi Branch, Princess Brun Njua, Chinonso Ukah, Jeffrey Epule and Kelechi Ayinkude.

Hustle, as the name implied, has a meaning that relates to illicitly getting money; this was majorly what the movie was centred on.

However, we feel Gabriel Afolayan, who played Baba Gee, a lead role in the movie, overacted, and there were times he said a line and didn’t take action on it.

In a scene, Baba Gee, after spotting Chichi trying to open a box, said he would go and join her in the kitchen to see what she’s cooking; he, however, end up sitting on the bed.

Baba Gee was a casanova that could have been easily interpreted instead of using too many women; perhaps the scriptwriter made it so as to make the movie longer. At that point, some viewers might lose interest.

Jim Iyke, who played the role of Tunde, played it perfectly aside from being a Yoruba man in the movie; he didn’t say one word in the language.

Chichi, acted by Nancy Isime, also played her role quite well except for the parts where she was coming and going out from Baba Gee’s house, which kept looking like a repetition.

There was the use of swear languages in the movie.

The movie was relatively easy to predict as Baba Gee arrest didn’t come as a surprise, although how he was arrested was where the suspense was.

Also, Chichi forgiving Tunde was expected, and the end showed it was a typical Nollywood movie.

For us, we rate the movie 5/10. Enjoy!

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