Movie Review: Man For The Job’s writer had a beautiful idea, but got tired and ended it badly

Man For The Job movie review

You see a Nollywood movie title like Man For The Job and you have high expectations of such a movie. 

Oh well, never judge a book by the cover they say… Here is what I mean

Man for the job is the story of an intelligent tech guy, Joseph (Uzor Arukwe) who despite his intelligence and hard work was financially unstable. In a bid to make more money, he decided to join a ride-hailing service as a driver and luckily for him, he got a young lady, Zinnat (Temi Otedola). Zinat had issues trying to fix a tech problem and Joseph being a tech guru, but working in a bank decided to help Zinat. Surprisingly, Zinat was working for a fintech company Joseph had earlier turned down and while helping her work on the product, he realized his friend; (Ibrahim Suleiman) who was now working in the company had stolen his idea and that was what they were using to build this new product. 

After helping ZInnat, money was leaving the account of the people who had saved up with the fintech company and that raised a lot of concern as the company could crash. The question then is; who is stealing the money and why. 

One question for the writer of Man for the Job; “Why did you decide to ruin such a beautiful storyline?”. The storyline in Man For The Job is the case of a Nollywood writer who had a beautiful idea, but got tired in the middle of it and decided to end it anyhow. Man for the Job is a business story, talking about the crimes that happen in the world of business. However, the concluding part of the movie is a total confusion. Whatever the writer was trying to achieve was definitely a miss. 

No doubt Niyi Akinmolayan is a good director, but he needs to pay more attention to details. For once, why will Mr Layi (Ali Baba) who has a skeleton in his cupboard entertain a guest in his library. Is there no other place he could entertain his guest? Had to be a library? Also, there were unnecessary scenes in the movie; like the sex scene between Joseph and his wife and the fight scene between Joseph’s wife and the guy in the market. If the director had done better, just maybe there would have been less confusion in the movie. 

The acting was just fair and there were really no high moments. However, considering the actors in the movie are actually great talents, it is worrisome that the acting was not spectacular in any way. Whichever way. Temi Otedola’s acting is way better and that deserves recognition. Ali Baba’s subtle comedy also brought a little life into the movie. For Ibrahim Suleiman, Ini Edo and Uzor Arukwe, their performance was just fair. 

Let’s just say for ratings, Man For The Job will get a 5/10

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