Movie Review: Mad House had nothing mad about it

Movie review MAD HOUSE

When you see a Movie Title like; Mad house; you already expect you’d be watching a house full of madness. 

Now, let’s see if the movie Mad House is as Mad as the title.

Mad House is a story that treats infidelity in marriage. It centres around two neighbour couples cheating on their partners with themselves. Let me clarify: Couple A are Mofe Duncan and Onyi Alex while Couple B are Charles Billion Pius and Etinosa Idemudia. We see the film start with Onyi Alex and Charles Billion having sex during work hours. Onyi Alex mistakenly calls her husband, who is at work on the phone, and he hears moans over the phone. Immediately, he sets home from the office to find out what is wrong. 

While Onyi Alex and Charles Billions were satisfying their sexual desires, they were starving their partners at home. In no time, Mofe Duncan and Etinosa found themselves in each other’s arms, sleeping with each other. 

In the middle of this drama, Nosa Rex, who happens to be Mofe Duncan’s cousin, comes to Lagos to spend time with the family, and somehow, he gets a hint of the two couples cheating on each other, with each other. Nosa decided to use the situation to extort the four of them, constantly collecting money to keep their secrets. How did it end? Did Nosa stop exploiting them? Did they ever find out the secrets? Find that out yourself. 

I would start by saying Mad House is a feel-good movie, so if you are looking for an intelligent storyline, don’t bother watching. There is nothing special about the storyline, and it isn’t different from what we see on Africa Magic. However, for a feel-good movie, it wasn’t bad. It was quite funny and wasn’t a bad watch. However, I need the writer to answer a few questions. How were the men coming into the house to sleep with their neighbours’ wives, and they never got caught? Or even the gateman always pictured at the gate never saw them. How could Nosa blackmail Mofe Duncan even before he started doing anything, and Mofe knew he was likely to be blackmailed eventually? E no gel.

The director didn’t have much work because the storyline was basic and didn’t require any speciality. However, the director did a good job regardless. At least, he made it as believable as possible. Not to forget, if the director was responsible for casting, he failed at it. 

The acting was fair overall, but there were some terrible actors in the movie, like the person who played Etinosa’s friend and the girl Nosa brought into the house. In as much as they appeared in one scene, the director could have still managed to find good actors. The four major characters’ acting was just there, with nothing spectacular at all. The scene where Onyi told Charles she wasn’t interested was the most annoying. Zero emotions, and as a matter of fact, the scenes where they could have been emotions were just bland. 

Special kudos to Nosa Rex; he brought life into the movie and was the reason people weren’t sleeping off in the cinema. He did well. The gateman tried hard to be funny, but sadly, it felt like dry jokes. His acting was good; he only needed a better comic script. 

Every other thing was fair in the movie and good enough to watch to the end. For ratings, it would get a 4/10.

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