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Movie Review: Kehinde Bankole’s character in ‘Sista’ will pierce your heart



Sista movie

Biodun Stephen’s ‘Sista’ movie premiered on Prime Video hours ago, and we are still yet to get over the different emotions the story sprung out in us.

Sista, which stars Kehinde Bankole, Bisola Aiyeola, Deyemi Okanlawo, Temitope Olowoniyan, and others, revolves around a woman whose partner abandoned her with an 8-months pregnancy and 2-year-old son.

Years after, the struggling single mother faces her worst nightmare when the father of her children comes into their lives and completely steals their attention all for himself.

According to the director and writer, Biodun Stephen, “The story of Sista is important to me because first, it celebrates my mother who is not Sista actually, but I was raised by a single mum, and I saw her struggle, and I saw how difficult it was for her”. “Being a mother now, I appreciate those times when she had a meltdown”.

The storyline was simple, straightforward forward, and easy to follow with no unnecessary twists or complications, and will have you seated through to the end without getting bored.

The production, lighting, costuming, makeup, background music, soundtrack, and setting were all well done!

Sista movie review

We also loved that the movie wasn’t star-studded for nothing, even though it had guest appearances from Ronke Oshodi Oke, Chris Iheuwa and Blessing Jessica Obasi.

And then, we enjoyed how perfect the past was concurrently bought into the present. The way the past and present events were synchronized was perfect. The acting was top-notch.

It also has a major moral lesson, especially for teenage girls, and how teenage pregnancy can ruin their life and future plans.

‘Sista’ Directing

Kudos to Biodun Stephen for this beautiful piece that we can’t even fault. It took us on a roller-coaster of emotions.

Only a great director could have brought out the undiluted excellence in all the actors in the movie, they were all fantastic in their role interpretations.

And thumbs up to Kehinde Bankole, who played the lead role of Sista; oh my, she embodied her character. She gave the performance of a lifetime! Her embodiment of the role pierced our hearts.

Oh, by the way, it couldn’t just have been us that expected Fola to actually prostrate or kneel at the reconciliation scene, but the proud dude just embraced Sista, ugh!

From us at Kemi FIlani, it is a 10/10 for SISTA, and everyone needs to see it because it celebrates every woman out there toiling and striving against all odds to give her children the best she can afford. This movie is a masterpiece!