Movie Review: ‘Insecure’ film attempts to normalize cheating by husbands

Naija Movie Review Insecure

‘Insecure’ is a Nollywood movie about a wonderful love that transformed into a blessed marriage which got shattered by an intruder with murder in her heart. It is a movie worth going to the cinema to see, but viewers must refrain from allowing themselves to be influenced by the subtle message it passed. The movie, by Benn Nwokike, may influence someone out there to feel it is okay for a married man to cheat on his wife.

When Mabel (Beverly Naya) approached her mother to seek advice on her husband’s late nights, she was told by the aged woman that such is the life of men. Her mother even told her to play ignorant if she discovered that her husband had another woman in his life. According to the mother, the husband she married was a cheat, likewise her father and grandfather, so it was the nature of men.

A weak viewer may think such is okay, especially after Mabel accepted and permitted her husband’s cheating, hoping that it would make him spare some time for her and their daughter. In the real world, any woman who accepts such is also accepting STDs, rivalry, polygamy, pay cuts, and worst of all divorce.

This movie teaches that women should be wary when their husband works with a beautiful lady. In the movie, the beautiful lady, Amara, was played by light-skinned actress Venita Akpofure who appeared saintly at first but failed in her attempt to kill Mabel’s husband after wrecking their home.

I must praise Beverly Naya because her performance in ‘Insecure’ was awesome. She played every mood her character had very well. When it was time to cry, she easily transitioned from keeping a sad face to one with tears. The car scene where she almost slammed a bottle of alcohol on her cheating husband was pretty convincing as she looked deranged. Her face was the stuff of a woman scorned and far from the happy face she had before Amara stepped into the picture.

As for Kunle (Efa Iwara), he has always been a good actor. However, some scenes made me feel he was the same character he played in the series ‘The Men’s Club’.

The next thing I’m about to say might seem petty, but I have to say it. There were three scenes in the movie showing Mabel’s family eating at the dining. The food they were eating was mostly bread, pancakes and hot dogs. I thought it was strange that an African family could be eating such. Maybe it’s the Ajepako in me. At a point, I thought it was intentional and that the directors were trying to tie that to something. I expected them to make Amara a good cook who got Kunle ‘s attention after insisting he ate a spicy African food she cooked at the office, a break from the pancakes Mabel fed him daily. From demanding more of such food to noticing her seduction, Kunle ignores his marital vows and ends up crashing his home.

However, the movie didn’t go that way. The directors just made Kunle fall on Amara’s lap with no effort like manna from heaven. Discarding his family was also too easy. We should have seen scenes where he fell to Amara’s manipulations.

One thing the directors got right was the intro which showed how Mabel and Kunle met. In the world of romantic movies, that would make a rare story of “how we met”. They, however, failed in the wedding scenes which had no guests, just the couple. If the directors could get people for the birthday party scene (which was awesome) and also the funeral service scene, getting people for a wedding scene shouldn’t be too difficult. As for the sound effects, they did well as the sounds gave the mood of something dangerous lurking.

Insecure deserves a 7/10. With proper publicity, more people will go to the cinemas to see the movie and won’t go home feeling as if they wasted time they won’t be able to recover again.

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