Movie Review: How Annie Idibia, Toyin Abraham, MC lively failed us in ‘Our President’s Money’

President’s Money toyin

If you haven’t been to the cinema to see Nollywood movie; “Our President Money”, please don’t bother going to watch it. I’d tell you why. 

Our President’s money is the story of a young Lagos Island playboy, Dave, who was living with his sugar mummy but was also a chronic cheat. His sugar mummy was to travel to Abuja two days before lockdown, and Dave saw it as an opportunity to bring in a girl to enjoy the lockdown with him. 

After several failed attempts, he eventually got someone to stay with him during the lockdown, but his sugar mummy got back a few hours after she came in, saying her appointment got cancelled. 

The whole drama revolved around how Dave would try to hide his side chic from his sugar mummy in the same house throughout the lockdown. 

From the beginning to the end of “Our President’s Money”, I was looking for the story. At some point, I asked myself what exactly the writer was trying to achieve because it lacked everything a good story should have: no concrete plot structure, intriguing storyline, depth and very boring dialogues. 

The directing wasn’t bad. However, even with an award-winning director, nothing much can be done with a story like that. I want to understand why there were certain scenes in that movie. For example, what was the idea behind MC lively acting all those dramas on the street in an estate? Why did he have to make certain calls on the street, not the house? What was the relevance of the scene where his bike was stolen? It felt like they needed scenes to make the movie enter 2 hours. 

While I do not think MC Lively is a terrible actor, he had no business taking up that role. I barely even laughed throughout the movie, and I suppose it was meant to be a comic movie. I still wonder what Deyemi Okanlawon was doing in Our President’s Money because although he played his role quite well, he looked off in that character. Toyin Abraham didn’t do badly at all, but applauding her acting in a movie like that is difficult. Etinosa Idemudia was fair, as well as Linda Osifo. I don’t know how to feel about Ini Idibia’s acting and character.

In short, while I don’t think their acting was bad, there is a major problem with the casting. 

There is nothing much to say about cinematography, costume and make-up as the movie didn’t require anything special. 

For ratings; “Our President’s Money is a 1/10

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