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Movie Review: Despite the hiccups, Big Love stole our hearts  



big love nigeria review

So, because we’ve heard so much about Biodun Stephen’s romantic drama, ‘Big Love’, we decided to join the Nigerian movie lovers at the cinema to have a firsthand experience of what the movie is really all about. 

Big Love tells the story of Adil, played by Timini Egbuson, who falls in love with Adina, ( Bimbo Ademoye), a determined and self-sufficient woman struggling to make ends meet at a graduate training camp for a bank job.

As their love deepens, Adina’s fears and a hidden secret threaten to destroy their budding love. 

They scale through the secret, and another bigger issue crop up and Adil’s Big Love for Adina saves their staggering relationship.

Big Love has a unique storyline, impressive cinematography and exceptional acting from veterans and young Nollywood stars in the likes of Shaffy Bello, Kalu Ikeagwu, Jaiye Kuti, Bimbo Ademoye, Timini Egbuson, Seyi Awolowo, amongst others.

You all know we love Love, and this movie will actually get you all mushy. 

Timini Egbuson played the good guy

Seeing Timini Egbuson play the good guy role was satisfying and a relief from the bad guy stereotype, which has obviously become tiring. 

Another Character that was outstanding is Jaiye Kuti. That African mother’s role and obsession with grandkids, she did perfectly well.

We love the party scene. It was top-notch. Their outfits were perfectly designed and well-fitted. You could feel that Nigerian party vibe!

This movie also, in a positive way, portrayed Baby Mamas. They deserve to have a second chance to love, as they all have different stories behind their situations.

Of course, there were a few lapses here and there, like the make-out in the rain during their Banking job training. Is that even possible? And necessary?

The script was also not in-depth enough to tell us how Adina and L.D. (Adil’s cousin) met. ‘It was a drunken one-night affair’, we were repeatedly told.  But how? Was Adina once wayward? Or a club girl?

We never get to see Adil’s brother’s pregnant ‘friend’, although we were told that plans are in top gear for them to get married. 

Like we always say, Kemi Filani loves happy endings, and Big Love got us drooling as the curtains draws. For making us and almost everyone in the cinema hall smitten, it deserves a 7/10 rating.