KFB Movie Review: Kunle Afolayan’s ‘Roti’ is just there

roti afolayan

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Today’s review is done by O.Cube of Cinema Movie Pointer!

Synopsis: The
psychological limits and endurance of a couple are stretched after the
wife, Diane, suddenly sees an exact replica of her dead son (five years
after his death), walking leisurely home from a different school and
living an entirely different life. The emotional ramifications of this
experience becomes near damning.

Starring: Kate Henshaw, Kunle Afolayan, Toyin Oshinaike, Fathia Balogun, Darimisire Afolayan.

 verdict: Underwhelming and bland; ‘Roti’ is just there.
It’s watchable, but disappointing. It tells a serious story, but feels
shallow all at once. It’s a funny thing- It was billed to be
spectacular, armed with the tongue lapping reverence of “Kunle
Afolayan”, but ends up the kind of movie you will finish with a hiss;
like- “Is that it? Mtchew!” Ultimately ‘Roti’ doesn’t know whether it
wants to be horror or be a thriller. It starts cold. Get’s warm. Bubbles
a little. And then poof! Without warning, it evaporates.

Now, don’t get us wrong- ‘Roti’ is a good movie. The only problem is,
“Good”, is not good enough for the cinemas. Regardless of the hype,
‘Roti’ is just another run-of-the-mill Nollywood made-for-TV drama you
might tune to on a boring weekday night, while waiting to fall asleep.
And if you do fall asleep before it’s over, you won’t wake up wondering
how it ended.

It was made for Africa Magic Channel. It should have stayed there. And
you; you are better off waiting for it to get there. Except of course,
you have an insurmountable urge to see Kate Henshaw cry you a Sea, as
she relentlessly tries hard, and scrapes deep, to clinch a “Best
Actress”. But unfortunately for ‘Roti’, it’s 2017 and tears aren’t
ordinarily synonymous with “Deep” no more.

You can skip this one, safely. It will meet you on TV.

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