KFB Movie Review: ‘’ is quite entertaining but not spectacular

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KFB Movie Review: ‘’ is quite entertaining but not spectacular

For the Newbies, the KFB movie review is an every Friday column that gives you a cinema guide on which movies to watch and not watch!

Today’s review is done by CinemaPointer

Synopsis: An intriguing Nollywood who-dunit. When a young business executive is found murdered on her wedding anniversary and her husband becomes the prime suspect. Two gritty detectives begin a puzzling investigation. As the investigation deepens, dark revelations unfold at every corner.

Starring:  OC Ukeje, Beverly Naya, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Tope Tedela, Alex Ekubo.

Verdict: Top quality production and an array of great
actors putting up great performances make ‘’ quite entertaining
and very watchable. 

Unfortunately however, ‘’ lacks the stuff 
“Spectacular!” is made of. Betrayed by its own inability to properly
deliver its own killer punch, it leaves its audience with a strong after
taste of confusion and blandness. So, while you won’t regret paying to
see ‘’, you won’t come out feeling like Wow! either.

It’s a funny thing about ‘’. It is applaudable; a very well made
movie, parading a sophisticated concept that is excellently executed.
Yet it is underwhelming; like a Boxing Championship fight without a
single knockout. Or Indomie cooked without the seasoning- a convenient
meal lacking the taste of remembrance. Consequently, as the hall
emptied, the unanimous verdict of the audience was- “It’s just there.”


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