KFB Movie Review: ‘Boss of All Bosses’ was profoundly irritating and annoying

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Synopsis: Tony is an obnoxious M.D of an oil and gas company called Hemcorp, he has somehow calculatedly advanced in his career by scheming his way through the organisation under the watch eyes of Thomas the CEO who gave him the free hand to run the company as he liked whilst Thomas remained in the shadows.

Starring: Patience ozokwor, Eniola Badmus, Adunni Ade, Sani Musa Danja.

Verdict: Preposterous! Horrendous! Disgraceful! A glowing shame.

Profoundly irritating and annoying, ‘Boss of All Bosses’ could very well be, the worst Nollywood movie we have ever seen in cinema. And that goes for the entire audience as well- We started this silly excuse for comedy with approximately twenty other people. But by the time the screening was over, we were the only ones left in the entire hall.

In ones, twos and threes; its audience walked off visibly disgusted. And rightly so. This movie is utterly useless. A total and complete fail, collosal in its ridiculousness it was indeed. So much so that, whilst seeing it, we felt embarrassed for the poor actors- like, you know that feeling where you feel sympathetic and sorry towards persons you are unfortunately watching, audaciously making fools of themselves. That perfectly sums up how we felt seeing ‘Boss of All Bosses’.

Such a shame! Even the legendary Patience Ozokwor was only a marketing gimmick, fraudulently included for the benefit of posters and trailers- She appeared only at the very beginning, gave a monumentally half-assed performance and disappeared. Hopefully, legends such as Mrs Ozokwor will quickly come to realize that they owe a duty of care to we their fans, and thus shouldn’t take their legendary status for granted; abusing it by hawking themselves to aid talentless filmmakers in swindling their fans out of their hard earned monies, in exchange for lucre.

Limitlessly not recommended. Work hard to avoid this rubbish forever; even on TV.

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