KFB Movie Review: ‘Blind Spot’ is a waste of money and time…

KFB Movie Review: ‘Blind Spot’ is a waste of money and time…

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Starring: Femi Jacobs, Rita Dominic, Rachel Oniga.

Synopsis: The Blind Spot Is a thrilling story concerning a young lady who got married to the love of her life. They were never able to consummate their marriage due to the fact that her husband had an issue which they thought was medical. They had been to several hospitals to seek professional help to no avail. But they were true to each other. She faces all kinds of shame and embarrassment from friends and colleagues who thought she was infertile due to her childlessness after five years of marriage. But she kept her husband’s secret to herself. At a point, frustration sets in. (Written by NollywoodMTV)

Verdict: Grotesque and sub-standard. Boring and downright stupid! ‘Blind Spot’ is a wanton waste of money- A tartly offering you definitely don’t want to see. If you dare to, you will find that the second your pop corn is finished, all that will be left for you to chew on is teeth grinding regret. With its ridiculous story, clunky production, terrible acting and lifeless dialogue, ‘Blind Spot’ will send you spiraling into an abyss of anguish and pain from whence you will not recover till it’s over.

So irritating and harrowing was this movie, that when it was finally over and the lights came on, we were extremely joyful to see that we were the only ones in the hall. It made us happy to know we had consumed this filth alone- It’s never a pleasant experience seeing a simple predictable story being told in the crappiest and most frustrating way possible.

What we can’t understand is how Rita Dominic was cajoled into getting her brand affiliated with this travesty. ‘Blind Spot’ ought to have been released out of Edidi Lane, Idumota or Iweka road, Onitsha. Definitely not in cinema!

Not recommended. Avoid this chunk of crap by all means necessary.

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