Kemi Filani’s Top 5 Netflix movies to watch this weekend

Dear Nollywood movie lovers, it is a fun weekend again. Time to Netflix and chill.
Kemi Filani Movies brings you the top 5 Nollywood movies to relax with on Netflix.
Here is our list of 5 interesting Nollywood movies to watch on Netflix this weekend.
The list is in no particular order.

Namaste Wahala

Namaste Wahala is a rare Indo-Nigerian production about an Indian boy, Raj, falling for a Nigerian girl, Didi, in Lagos. It’s a novel concept, given how few interracial love stories of its kind exist. This brings a deeper connection between India and Nigeria.

Coming from Insanity

Coming from Insanity follows the journey of Kossi (Gabriel Afolayan), from being a domestic help for the Martins, an upper-class young family of four, to a big-time cash counterfeiter. Frustrated from being a poor, disrespected houseboy, Kossi seeks ways to escape poverty by making his own money, literally. He finds a way to do it, and he employs a few acquaintances to work with him on creating flawless counterfeit 100 dollars notes, which he sells to black-market money exchanger.


The story centers on smart and determined college student Moremi (Temi Otedola), who accuses celebrated professor Lucien N’Dyare (a charismatic Jimmy Jean-Louis) of sexual assault. Much of the ensuing drama unfolds as an unnerving tribunal, as university authorities listen to testimony from Moremi, N’Dyare, and other witnesses and advocates.


Set in Lagos, “Òlòturé” is the story of a naïve young journalist (Sharon Ooja) who goes undercover to expose the brutal underworld of human trafficking. She’s caught off-guard by the dangerous environment she finds, a place teeming with cruel traffickers, pimps, madames, and unscrupulous politicians. She ultimately bonds with a group of prostitutes and becomes deeply buried in their world. Yet in her unrelenting pursuit to tell their stories, she’s so successful in inserting herself inside the trade that she doesn’t know how to get back out again, or whether she even wants to.


The Set-Up is a story of two young ladies – Chike and Grace – but mostly about Chike. Chike’s father was a killer in his time, and after he passed, she became a drug dealer. It started off as an attempt to pay back money which she used to free her best friend turned sister, Grace, from a future of sexual slavery, then many years later, they become so good at their game that the NDLEA targets them. Then enters madame. Madame, played by Tina Mba, swoops in and introduces the ladies to a new world – the world of the con. And somewhere along the way, the lines start to blur on precisely who is being conned.

Which ones have you seen? Was it worth it? Do enjoy and Thank us later 

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