Wife pleads in tears as prisons officials beat her husband to coma

A yet-to-be identified man has been reportedly beaten to a state of coma by prison officials after a scenario that appeared to be an involuntary action.

The middle aged driver had mistakenly caused a minor accident as he attempted to drop passengers off his car without knowing the oncoming car was moving on top speed.

The on-coming car belonging to prison officials came to a halt after hitting the covet by the road side

The driver was then beaten to a pulp by the visibly angry officials who attempted to carry him away despite pleas from a woman who seemed to be his wife.

According to eye witness reports, the prison officials were on the way to the airport when the driver stopped to drop its passengers unknown to him that the officials were moving on top speed.

He explained that it was a mistake on the part of the said driver but the officials would have none of it,beating him on the main road, without batting their lids despite the woman pleading that the offender is a father of three.

The viral video captures the victim’s wife appealing to the officials as she wept uncontrollably.

Watch video here;

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