What armed robbers did after robbing a 70yr old woman in Ibadan

A lady on Twitter has revealed what armed robbers did to her grandmother, a 70-year old woman, after robbing her of her valuables in Ibadan.

According to the lady, the armed robbers subjected her to torture and also had the time to eat and drink before making way with her valuables.

She tweeted:

“My 70 y/o Mum was robbed in her house in Ibadan in the early hours of today. Amidst other valuables, her car FST966.. blue rav4 was taken away should anyone finds it. Pls help RT. Thank you.

“They cut her with knife, tied her up for 6 hours, suffocated her, she was seriously wounded. They ate, drank wine, they released cooking gas into the air. Took her car with her valuables. She didn’t deserve this kind of treatment. We need your prayers… In the hospital now.
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