Upcoming rapper beaten after refusing to have s3x with gay man

An upcoming rapper has been beaten after he turned down the advances from a gay man who was pretending to offer him help.

A friend of the rapper who shared a video of the injuries sustained from the beaten narrated what happened.

He said when the rapper refused to have gay sex with the supposed helper, he was beaten by a group of people who framed him with claims that he stole a mobile phone from them.

He wrote:

“Please be careful out there 
A friend of mine @priceless_vibes was beating up today by some group of people. And the man is pretending to help him because his homeless and don’t have a job 
Reason why because a gay men want to fuck him and my friend said no.
And the men run page that my guy stole phone of 40k and they collect phone 65k from him 
Please we needed help and to fight this issue”.

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