South African Pastor lands into trouble for “resurrecting a dead man”

A pastor in South Africa, Alph Lukau is being sued over a resurrection stunt which has since gone viral and further raised questions about the authenticity of pastoral miracles.

The lawsuit stems from a recent video in which Alph Lukau convinces his congregation that he successfully brought a man back from the dead. The pastor of Alleluia Ministries is seen standing over an open casket, touching the “deceased” individual before shouting, “rise up!” The man inside the coffin then sits up, as onlookers begin to cheer.

The video was filmed outside Lukau’s church in Johannesburg.

Since the hoax went viral, the BBC reports Kingdom Blue, Kings & Queens Funeral Services, and Black Phoenix are taking legal action against Lukau for allegedly staging the stunt and tricking them into being involved. Lukau reportedly got the coffin from Kingdom Blue and placed Black Phoenix stickers on a private car in an attempt to “look credible to Kings & Queens Funeral Services” when they arrived to order a hearse.

According to several news reports, Alleluia Ministries has backtracked on Lakau’s resurrection claims, and insists the man in the coffin was “already alive” when he arrived to the church in Kramerville, Sandton. The ministry cays the pastor simply “completed a miracle that God had already started.”

Meanwhile, Netizens have continued to mock Prophet Alph N Lukau, the founder and General Overseer of Alleluia Ministries International, South Africa, who allegedly brought back to life a dead man during church service on Sunday.

The controversial pastor had claimed that the ‘deceased’ had spent the weekend at the mortuary before he was brought to the church for a “miracle” where he raised him from the dead.

Online users who believe the miracle was “staged”, are now participating in trending ‘Dead man challenge’/’resurrection challenge’ on social media.

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