Shocking updates on the reason why Nigerian Man killed his wife and committed suicide in Lekki

Man kills wife

Following the investigation of the Nigerian man who killed his wife and also committed suicide in Lekki that was reported few hours ago, it was gathered that the whole incident started when all of a sudden, the man began to question the paternity of their second child. This was after a mandatory DNA test they took for their Canadian visa showed that he was not the father of one of their children.

The man, who was identified as Chris Ndukwe aggressively questioned his wife on who the father of the child is and failure to get an answer led to him stabbing her to death, and then taking his own life.

Chris allegedly tied her hands and taped her mouth, then began to uproot her braids with pliers. He then allegedly stabbed her viciously in the eyes, then about 11 times all over her body. Following the horrendous murder, he is said to have drank sniper in an act of suicide.

According to what a family friend told LIB, The couple were scheduled to get married this August and Chris was already making plans for the wedding ceremony.

The couple Chris Ndukwe, 39, and Olamide Alli, 25, were said to have been dating on and off for over 7 years. They have a seven-year-old son and then had a second son, three years ago. However, trouble started when Chris began to doubt the paternity of their second child, insisting the child isn’t his.

According to the friend, what is quite shocking to them is that Chris was still going on with the plans to marry Olamide in August while he was nursing such a plan. The friend who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Chris had called a comedian a few weeks ago to book him for their forthcoming nuptials.

”There have been an issue that has been coming up about the second child. He planned to get married to her in August. He had told friends about it. This is the most confusing for everyone. He had called a comedian earlier to tell him he was going to be the MC at the occassion. He had told our older friends that are doctors that they would accompnay him to go do the normal legal rites.” he said . The friend said Chris and Olamide were never living together.

He said Olamide usually takes the boys to the house to see Chris. He said on Saturday they went for jogging and when they returned, she offered to give him dinner. Later that night, she went to his room to spend some time with him while her sister was in the room with the boys, and that was when he committed the murder-suicide.

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