Poor widow cooks stones for her hungry children to eat and this happens…

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 Due to severe hunger for days, Ms Kitsao was forced to boil stones in the name of cooking to make her hungry children think a meal is being prepared as she has nothing to feed them on.

She said that initially, the children would be tricked and go to sleep on empty stomachs but they later learnt that “I was lying to them”. “They started telling me that they know I am lying to them, but I could do nothing because I have nothing,” she added.

The widow, whose husband was killed by a criminal gang a few months ago, has been unsuccessfully struggling to get food for her family for the last one month.

Ms Kitsao, who used to wash clothes in her neighbourhood for a living, says that people have now become cautious because of COVID-19 and no longer allow anyone into their houses.

Luck smiled on her and she has been receiving donations from concerned people who saw her plight.

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