Man robs, kills, secretly buries his benefactor and neighbor in Niger State

A 31-year-old man, Adelowo Adedayo, was yesterday arrested for allegedly killing and burying another man, Abdullahi Liman, in a shallow grave in Niger State.

The incident occurred at APC Quarters in Suleja, on January 16, 2019. According to reports, the deceased had once helped Adedayo with the sum of N80,000 when he was about to be kicked out over house rent.

The suspect was apprehended by a team of policemen attached to the B Division, Suleja. based on information received from family of the deceased.

It was learnt that the suspect murdered the victim in cold blood, buried him in a shallow grave behind his house and made away with his belongings which included a set of chairs, Plasma television, mattress, three pairs of shoes and two travel bags containing clothes.

While responding to questions, the suspect revealed that he killed his victim so that he would have all his house property for himself. “I have been planning to steal his household items for the past six months.

Unfortunately, the day I went to his house, he was in. I thought he had gone out but the only option left for me was to kill him and save myself from shame.

His house was well equipped with what it takes to live in a house and I wanted to have them without his consent.

But when I met him at home, I had no choice than to kill him so that he will not expose me to people. I regret my action. Let justice take its cause. I am ready to face the consequences,” he said.

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