Man narrates how LASTMA officials’ action almost got him killed | Video

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to narrate how he almost got killed by LASTMA official.

According to him, he was knocked down by a driver who tried to beath their (LASTMA) stop light.

He wrote;

“On Friday 15th of May 2020, I had an accident that should have taken my life, God said a resounding “NO”

On my way to work that faithful day, I was stopped by lastma for allegedly breaching the new social distancing law for having 5 (myself included) people in the car, there was an altercation when they (lastma officials) tried to forcefully collect the key of the car.

A few minutes later the zonal head present at the scene kept on saying he was going to deal with me, I felt oppressed but I tried to reason with him…in the process a bus driver trying to evade arrest from the same lastma officials beat the stop light and knocked me to the ground, then proceeded to drive over my perceived lifeless body, i have no recollection of what I was doing when I was hit, I only remember opening my eyes to blood all over my body and the voice of a woman praying over my head.

According to eyewitnesses, lastma officials fled the scene of the accident and one of them took my phone and purse and attempted to abscond with the items, a bystander accosted them to retrieve the aforementioned items so my family could be contacted.

I was then rushed to a nearby hospital by two good samaritans.
# I’m positive now more than ever that God is not finished with me, He has a plan for my life and despite all attempts of the devil to shame me, God’s grace and mercy keeps me. I’m grateful for life, my appreciation for the little things like being able to take a bath is heightened. God is indeed faithful.

It’s been a long two weeks filled with lots of pains, thanksgiving and mixed feelings, I sincerely appreciate everyone who helped me out during these difficult period, thanks for all the love, prayers and all forms of support. I pray God blesses and replenish everyone abundantly above all I thank God almighty for saving my life. May his holy name be praised forever”

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