Man wounds Woman on head while trying to rob her in her room

Below is a picture showing a man accused of breaking into a lady’s room in an attempt to rob it.

The man identified as Patrick Bassey is said to have broke into the house thinking the lady had gone to church. On sighting her in the room, he descended on her with weapons till she passed out.

Read as shared on Facebook:

“This happened yesterday in Calabar. The man in the picture, whose name is Patrick Effiong Bassey, is a renowned cultist threatening the lives of his neighbors and landlord. Yesterday, he attempted to kill my sister, Dorathy after forcefully making his way into her room to steal, thinking she had gone to church. In shock on seeing her, he tired to kill her using weapons on her and strangling her with a pillow and even after she had passed out, he kept hitting her with a hammer on her head. Her scream attracted the neighbors around who came to her rescue. The man in question fled and has been on the run since then, calling to confirm if she’s dead and still threatening to finish her off if she survived.

Please we need the help of the public to intervene as her life is still in danger. Please share.

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