Maid caught on camera physically assaulting her madam’s daughter

A twitter user, @Sokoliously has taken to the micro blogging platform to share a heart wrenching video of a maid assaulting her madam’s daughter.

Although Sokoliously did not share the location of the incident, from the background of the video, it happened in Nigeria.

In the video, the maid who is bathing the poor girl behind the compound is seen kicking, punching and dragging her on the floor.

Click play below to watch the video…

See some reactions below…

Blessed wrote: ” This is wickedness. How can a human being be this callous? Did anyone force you to be a househelp? If you dont have patience with children pls look for another work. “

Nemechi wrote: ” You could have gone down to stop this, instead of making a 2min video. “

Olori wrote: ” You actually waited till 1:52 minutes. You couldn’t do a 30 secs video as evidence and go n help the kid “

@MikenlamboM wrote: ” I DNT need a maid around my kids “

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