‘I give children biscuit to kidnap and sell their body parts to ritualist’ – Kidnapper confesses

Kidnapper caught in Ibadan
Kidnapper caught in Ibadan

An arrested kidnapper who is a resident of Beere, Oje area in Ibadan has confessed about how he uses biscuit to lure children and Kidnap them.

According to the 29 year old unnamed alleged kidnapper, he was a member of a gang of nine, {two females and seven males} that carry out the operations. He was arrested after the police received a tip-off from commercial motorcycle riders around the area about his involvement in duping, kidnapping and selling of human parts to ritualists.

The suspect confessed during an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that he had killed at least two children, and sold their body parts to suspected ritualists.

He revealed that he and his gang members enticed children with biscuits on the streets and lured them into their cars. He said:

“We have a car which we use for kidnapping. We buy biscuits and other things and keep them in the car, which we used to entice the children. Anytime we see little children walking on the road unaccompanied by an adult, we entice them with biscuits and quickly put them in the car and zoom off. We later kill the kidnapped children and sell their parts to the ritualists.”

The lady’s body was found inside a bag dumped by the side of Assemblies of God Church after Amachara Specialist Hospital.

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