How Menstrual period saved makeup artiste from ritualists in Benin

A makeup artist, Maypro101 has narrated how her menstrual period saved her from the hands of ritualists in Benin.

Sharing a bit of her testimony on Instagram, the Makeup artiste revealed how the ritualists posed as clients who offered her a job which made her travel to Benin where she had the horrible experience.

Read her story below .

My trip to Benin on Sunday was a complete nightmare. I wish I could go back to sleep and wake up to think it was all a bad dream. 

I was contracted by a client online (from my Facebook business page precisely) as usual to do the makeup so I get a ticket and got to Benin to find out that my contractors were kidnappers and ritualists…my mouth is practically too heavy to speak of what my eyes saw and all I went through. It was my unexpected period that showed up unannounced, that God used in saving me. I’ll tell the story in full some other time but certainly not now because I need to get this off my mind first.

Makeup artiste menstrual period

“I’m grateful to God I made it out of there in one piece. Items taken can be replaced but not ones life. Who am I that this God is mindful of. 

I just want to out this out to other Artisans, please please please be careful. Scrutinizing is sometimes not enough, pray for every job and then listen for your “GO” before you set out”.

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