How i made my husband flog his mother – Nigerian woman confesses

A Nigerian woman has taken to social media platform, Facebook to confess on how she made her husband flog his own mother.

According to her, she was tired of her mother-in-law staying with them since she gave birth so she had to cook up a lie with her doctor.

She wrote: ” My husband flogged his mum this afternoon because of me.I feel so bad now,I actually lied ,because she has been staying with us since I gave birth,so I arranged with my sis that is a doctor,to admit my son and claim he fell down.hubby knows she is always with the baby,so when he came and saw this boy.he started beating his mum,I am sad because is a lie and hubby has sent her out.please my husband is hurt tempered if I tell him I lied he might kill me.what should I do at this point in time.I am really not happy. “

See some reactions gotten after her confession below…

Ginika Wilson wrote; ” So even if ur baby fell down from ur mother In-law’s hand,her own son will start beating her for what, in fact… both u and ur husband needs help. “

Brandy Onyia wrote; ” This is the height of it all. U better go n undo what u have done cuz if that woman pray for you ehh.. “

Ifechukwu wrote: ” That ur husband is a stupid idiot. Even if is true is enough for him to beat his own mother. And for u find how to amend what u destroyd. Becouse course has been upon u nd that ur useless nd senseless husband. Karma awaites u. Idiot “

Emeka wrote: ” Well the deed has been done, from your write up the mother inlaw did not do u anything wrong. So I will advise you go and plead with his mother with all your family members including the fake doctor. There after u all come and plead with your husband. Then if they all forgive you. Then u keep asking God to have mercy on you, doctor and your husband. But remember their forgiveness may come with condition and consequences. “

See screen shot below…

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