How a little mistake got a Nigerian girl caught cheating on her boyfriend of 6 years

A Nigerian girl has reportedly lost her boyfriend of 6 years after a little but costly mistake she made on whatsapp

According to the boyfriend’s friend, she blocked her boo on whats app and posted incriminating photos that suggested she was cheating

Apparently, she had forgotten to block the boyfriend’s friend who in turn shared the news to him. The victim has remained heartbroken and inconsolable upon realization of what his girlfriend has done

The photos capture the said lady posing with the guy in matching outfit in the bathroom.

The guy’s friend who took to social media to rant over women being scum, also shared the chat where he allegedly asked the guy what the photos were.

From the chat, it was obvious that she had blocked him because he couldn’t see the status as he asked his friend if he was kidding

Women are scum! There’s nothing anybody can tell me. my friend has been dating this girl since 2012 and this morning she posted pictures on her status and blocked him from viewing it but she forgot to block me. He’s heartbroken ?

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