How a driver refused working with a female Doctor because she was single

A Nigerian female doctor, took to Twitter to recount how a driver whose services he tried hiring as a single woman, rejected the job offer because she has no ‘Oga.

According to the female doctor, the driver who initially accepted the job offer, returned back to her, telling her that he prayed with his wife over the job but they decided it wasn’t a good one because she was single.

Read her tweet below;

Remember, when I tried to hire a driver as a single woman. He accepted the job. Then he came back to me in the evening and he had prayed about it with his wife decided it would not be good for him to work for a ‘big madam wey no get oga’

The Nigerian Female Doctor was however, reacting to an article by BBCNigeria on the stigma on single women in Nigeria. The article reads in part;

Many landlords in Nigeria suspect single women of being prostitutes, making it difficult for them to rent apartments.

A successful career woman, Olufunmilola Ogungbile, 30, never thought that she would be sleeping on a friend’s couch after five months of apartment-hunting in Abeokuta city in south-western Nigeria.

She had moved from Lagos after securing a good job with the Ogun state government as a project administrator. Despite being financially independent, she struggled to find an apartment in middle and upmarket areas because she was single.

“The first question the landlord would ask me is if I’m married?” Ms Ogungbile said, “I’d say ‘No’, and they’d follow with, ‘Why not’?”

She was often left puzzled.

“What does my marital status have to do with me getting a place to live in?”

@Ozzyetomi on the other hand tweeted;

The stigma against being a single woman in Nigeria is disgraceful. People treat you with disrespect, and anything you have must be from a secret man/ runs.

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