Here is the lizard an alleged pregnant woman was delivered of (Photos)

An unidentified lady reportedly gave birth to a lizard at Omoku market, Rivers State. According to several Facebook users that shared the pictures on there timeline, the pregnant woman went into labour in the market and gave birth to a lizard after 2 years of pregnancy.

See more photos below…
A social media user reacting to the news wrote;

There is African voodo I agree, but she was not pregnant with a baby. Whatever it is happened to her, please stay away from things that do not keep your sanity intact. When I pray, I do not utter or disturb people who are staying in their “holy” or “fetish” beliefs. I dont disturb the “marine” spirits or “evil” spirits. I simply talk to myself and speak only positive things in the most sensible manner. I do not pray die by fire prayers bla bla bla… I dont think bad of anyone and I do not believe any “evil” will befall me. Whatever, life challenges I come accross, I look at objectively and make amends with common sense. I am not afraid of what i do not know and do not believe in. Never bring a knife to a gun 1111see-how-a-ladies-finger-was-bitten-off-during-a-club-fight-photos/”>fight. If you are a hypocrite and you say you are doing “holy holy”, make sure your holy holy is very solid. If you go and disturb someone else that is very loyal and keeps to the tenets of whatever they believe in or worship, by doing your die by fire prayers. When they decide to strike you, you may never escape it. For those of you always seeking for spiritual help in the most unusual places, there are consequences for evey choices you make. What we are seeing here (which I do not believe by the way) is just the end result. No one knows the begining of the story and how she got herself into the mess. Clear all the webs in your brains and start thinking with common sense. What you focus your mind on is what you become. Stay positive!

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