‘God hates perfumes’ – Christian lady claims

God hates perfumes

Mugechi Monika, a self professed demon tormented Christian lady, has taken to social media to claim that God hates perfumes.

According to her, she was getting tormented by a demon and the demon even went on tormenting her armpit and no matter what she said and the scriptures she quoted, the demon refused to go.

She said:

“Grace, peace and mercy unto you all my brethren who are reading this post. I once said that I will share a revelation,that God gave to me concerning the use of perfumes and deodorants. I delayed in sharing the dream as I was waiting for the Lord to give me a confirmation in His word.

In my dream, I was sleeping and a demon came upon my shoulder and started irritating me. I tried to rebuke it in the name of Jesus Christ but it would not leave. I tried to quote scripture but it would not stop irritating me and it even started irritating my armpit. The Lord gave me understanding that the demon was tormenting me because of the deodorant I use. Then in my mind I made up my mind to stop using deodorants and then my dream ended. Let’s examine the scriptures;

And it shall come to pass that in stead of sweet smell there shall be a stink and instead of a girdle a rent and instead of well set hair baldness and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth and burning instead of beauty.(Isaiah 3;24)

Here we see that,the Lord is angry with the sweet smell coming from perfumes that the women of Jerusalem are using. I have heard of testimonies from former members of the occult who were married to mermaids. Each one of them testifies that on summoning the mermaids their presence would be detected by the smell of perfume. There’s a spirit of pride in people who use perfumes and deodorants and even some types of lotions as some of these things after manufacturing are dedicated to demons. From my personal experience when I used to use deodorants,I had a sensation of pride.

In Exodus 30;22-31 God tells Moses to make a sacred annointing oil and the pure sweet-smelling incense mixed like perfume. After the the instruction God warned Moses never to make any other like it and that it should not be poured upon any man’s flesh because it is Holy and it’s only consecrated to the Lord.

Upon man’s flesh shall it not be poured neither shall ye make any other like it,after the composition of it,it is Holy and it shall be holy unto you.(Exodus 30;32)

In Proverbs 7;17 talks about the prostitute and how she uses perfume to seduce men. And that’s the purpose of perfumes,deodrants and some lotions for a seductive spirit is attached to them.

As Christians we should be clean and neat but we are warned to abstain from things that defile us,things sacrifficed to idols. If you doubt this truth,go boldly before the throne and ask God to reveal it to you.”

However, Kemi Filani News did some research and found out that Perfumes, incense, and scented salts have been around for centuries. In the book of Esther, young women spent months undergoing grooming with scented oils and spices in order to prepare for their invitation into the king’s chambers (Esther 2:12). Our sense of smell is connected to our other senses and can be trained to make us respond in certain ways to a specific scent. Who hasn’t had a moment of déjà vu at the whiff of something that reminds us of grandma’s house or our first date? Proverbs 27:9 says, “Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart.” Certain smells have both positive and negative connotations. Perfumes and colognes tap into the evocative power of scent, and some Christians wonder about the appropriateness of wearing fragrances.

Naomi instructed her daughter-in-law Ruth to “put on perfume and get dressed in your best clothes” in order to make herself attractive to Boaz (Ruth 3:3). There is nothing sinful implied in this. Perfume has always been considered an accessory that helps make people more pleasing to others. In fact, Ecclesiastes 9:7–9 says, “So go ahead. Eat your food with joy, and drink your wine with a happy heart, for God approves of this! Wear fine clothes, with a splash of cologne! Live happily with the woman you love through all the meaningless days of life that God has given you under the sun” (NLT). As might be expected, perfume is spoken of in negative terms when it is worn by an adulterous woman in order to ensnare a man (Proverbs 7:16–18).

In Jesus’ day, perfumes were a luxury and could often cost a fortune. The most famous mention of perfume is the account of Mary breaking her alabaster jar of expensive perfume and anointing Jesus with it (John 12:3). Jesus praised her for this, saying that she was preparing His body for burial (John 12:7). Perfumes and spices were wrapped with a corpse to help mask the stench of rotting flesh. Without realizing it, Mary was foretelling Jesus’ death and expressing her gratitude for it by anointing her Savior with costly perfume.

Christians should not be motivated by vanity in the use of perfume or cologne, but there is nothing sinful about using a fragrance. As Christians, we are to present ourselves to the world as worthy representatives of our Father’s kingdom (2 Corinthians 5:20). Part of that presentation is personal hygiene and grooming. We should look our best—and smell our best—in order to give a favorable impression to those God has placed in our lives. God’s message of reconciliation is a fragrant gift we offer the world. His messengers need to represent that. People are less likely to listen to such a message from a person who does not seem to care how he or she appears or smells. We should be careful not to overdo perfumes and colognes, and we should be sensitive to people with allergies, but a subtle hint of fine perfume or cologne can help leave a positive impression on those who cross our paths.

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