Why the Fulani herders worship cows – Miyetti Allah coordinator reveals

Alhaji Garius Gololo, the Coordinator of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), Benue State chapter, has revealed why his people worship cows.

When the co-ordinator was asked in a chat if it is true that the Fulani herdsmen worship their cows besides God. he responded saying;

“Ah, ah, why won’t you worship what you are gaining from? They worship God, but they depend on their cow.

If you want to marry, it’s from that cow; if you are going to the hospital, it’s from that cow, if you want to eat, it’s from that cow. So, for people to say Fulani worship cows, its clear; they must, because it’s from it they make their living and you should also understand that these people have no other major business than this, so what would you think could come of them if they fail in giving their cows the best attention”

He was asked why the Fulani Herdsmen have not embraced modern technologies to breed their livestock and rather opt for the old system of nomadic cattle breeding. He says:

“Fulani does not need road, they don’t need electricity, and they don’t need a big house. They live with the cow. But now in Nigeria, not only Benue, people are against herdsmen.

In a place like Zamfara, it’s not herdsmen; it is criminals versus criminals. Recently, I was in Zamfara when they fought.

There are no more Fulani herdsmen in Zamfara because they all ran away with the cattle as a result of incessant attacks after the return of a notorious criminal and members of his gang who terrorized them. But whenever anything happens, they say it’s Fulani.

The point is that they are against the Federal Government, not the ordinary Fulani. Because the president is a Fulani and most Nigerians are against him, anything that happens, they say it’s Fulani.”
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