Final year Nigerian student drowns in London due to heatwave (Photos)

23 year old Jonathan Adebanjo, an Illustration student of the Camberwell College of Arts had vanished while swimming with friends at Shadwell Basin, UK.

Shortly afterwards, he, alongside 2 other people got drowned.


As temperatures soar during the heatwave, the fire brigade have put out an urgent warning against open water swimming. 

Adebanjo’s heartbroken family are now warning Londoners not to go to unsupervised waters. 

His sister Tundun, 22, said:  “He wasn’t the only person that disappeared on that day … we need to put a warning out there to be careful. It’s easy to think nothing bad can happen because the sun is out but there’s still a risk, and it’s very evident after what happened to Jonathan.” 

She added: “When they were fishing his body out, there were still kids  jumping in … people have seen it in the news, they’ve seen the risk and they’re still doing it.”

Adebanjo was due to enter his final year at Camberwell College of Arts, part of the University of the Arts  London, before the sad incident occurred.

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