Conductor hides under his bus after stabbing a policeman in Lagos.

Just a day after a danfo driver received a one year jail term for stabbing a LASTMA official, fresh reports gathered state that a yet to be identified Lagos Conductor has allegedly taken to hiding under his bus after stabbing a policeman .

Though the venue of the incident was has not been confirmed, a video making rounds online has captured the young man and a glimpse of the incident

Eventually, after so much drama ensued, the accused looking confused and apologetic found his way out and surrendered himself for justice

He has since been handed over to the necessary authorities who will escalate the matter as required.

Luckily for the policeman, the cut was not deep and he was seen parading the venue and explaining what transpired to the man behind the camera

In view of these violent moves towards officials of the law by the angry and frustrated Lagos transport drivers and conductors, one cannot but question the security of mere citizens within the state

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