Bus preacher angry for getting little offering from passengers

A bus preacher in Kenya has hit the media moments after he got angry for getting little offering from passengers

A trending video capturing the moment a yet to be identified preacher expressing his anger at passengers in a commercial bus who contributed less than N5 for him as offering has left many perplexed

It was gathered that the outburst came after he preached and proclaimed God’s blessings on them for over an hour.

According to Kenyan media, the passengers contributed one Kenyan chilling which is approximately N3.58.

Visibly shaking in anger, the preacher can be heard saying;

“Can you give this to your child? You can’t! How come you can give me, a man of God?” the agitated preacher asked a passenger thrusting the money in his face. It’s satanic, evil-minded, you cannot give something like this. Even if you find it inside the bus, you can’t pick,”

Watch the video below

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