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BRT Passengers held hostage by driver as woman suffers asthmatic attack



A driver of the Lagos Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Ikorodu area of the State has reportedly held it’s passengers hostage after a fight broke out between him and some other passengers

For currently unknown reasons, the driver is said to have locked up the remaining passengers in the bus and put off the light, leaving them trapped in the vehicle while he battled with his enemy

According to a witness identified as Busola Akeredolu Liboro, one of the victims of the unfortunate incident suffered an asthmatic attack during the lock down as the other passengers looked on, and feared for their lives, not knowing the next step to be taken by the visibly angry driver

Check out the scary post;
I am reporting live from a brt bus at Agric Ikorodu where the pilot and ticketer picked a fight with some passengers . Afterwards the pilot drove us down to their pack at Majidun Idiroko, locked the passengers in the bus, switched off the engine and lights thereby keeping everyone in darkness. An asthmatic woman in the bus had crisis and one of the passengers was beaten to a pulp.

Can you guys imagine these…even the way the pilot drove from Agric to their park….i don’t know, am just perplexed…what’s our country turning into that Brt officials parade themselves as educated touts.
The bus number is 214. Please these officials need to be punished so they will serve as example to the others