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Women with respectable character don’t go unclad on social media – Popular writer says

Oge Nsimah

Popular Facebook writer, Oge Nsimah has taken to the platform to opine about women who go unclad on social media.

According to her, she is yet to see women with respectable character go nude on social media.

She wrote:

“Dear women, are we ready to have an honest discussion on rampant display of nude pictures on social media by our fellow women..?

Is this my gender sure that they are tired of living their life for the other gender? Or Should we suspend this gender equality talk on Social Media (SM) and focus on another aspect of lives…

Because You cannot be discussing equality with someone that has a reputable character than you.

Though, I am yet to see a woman of respectable character go nude on SM.

People with self-worth don’t gain attention with nude pictures, they know an intelligent mind is more attractive than a nude body on public display.

This generation is devoid of wisdom even with the pool of information at their fingertips.

Now let me ask you this?

Have you gone to the art museum and see male art completely nude?.

Why do we mostly have nude female art in the museum and art galleries..?

Now, this is it,

Men will always want to see women body…

Those days, men believed women are seen as a fancy object to entertain and satisfy men’s desires.

Hence to lure, entice and satisfy men becomes women life goal.

They compete with who has the hottest body, before a prince will make them a queen, hence the calculated flaunting of the strategic position of their flesh.

all they needed to do then was to dress beautiful, look attractive and pleasing to the eyes of the other gender.

But now, women offer more than that and should bury that mentality, because that era has gone.

Instead of you showing your quality with your nude pictures on public display, why don’t you show off your qualities in thought and behaviour, that’s will be evergreen in our mind.

Most of these ladies will work so hard to build a brand, yet lack self-esteem, seeking validation from the other gender with nude photos…

Some people will say allow people to do what they like with their body, It’s their choices…lol!

The big question is, What you like doing, does it dignify womanhood/ humanity or does it demean womanhood/humanity?.

What you like doing, will it enhance your life or will it come back to hunt you in future?

How will you feel, when you are given an appointment on a sensitive position in future and the only thing that disqualifies you will be the nude pictures you shared on SM in the name of wokeness?

In case you don’t know,

Women are more attractive, beautiful and command respect when they are elegantly dressed than when they wear clothes that question their worth and respectability as women.

I am afraid of what the next era of fashion will be, because we are fast-moving from showing cleavaged to going nude completely…

Women see, by default,

God has made your body, attractive, sexy and hot, Every created thing knows that women are attractive. ..

There is no need for showing your nude to the whole world.

Men are always going to be desirous of women body, it’s a normal thing…

Men will always feel hungry to come close to women.

Stop displaying your body as the only quality asset you got from God…you have more worth when you are covered than when you publicly display your nude.


Oge Nsimah”

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