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Woman reveals how love helped she and her husband overlook their physical faults

A woman has revealed how she and her husband allowed love to help them overlook each other’s physical faults.

The woman who was plus-sized before marriage revealed how her husband didn’t like women of her size but still chose to marry her. At that time, he was also dealing with hair loss issues.

“This man proposed to me at 314 pounds….He didn’t like heavy women, but he didn’t allow vanity to alter the possibility of what could be. I struggled with my weight, and he struggled with the pride of letting that hairline go. But regardless of how I felt about it, I didn’t allow vanity to alter the possibility of what could be”.

She also revealed that they eventualy decided to change themselves for themselves only and not for each, a thing g she said would have been a turmoil.

“I can’t imagine the turmoil it would’ve been if we fought to change each other, but I can speak on the beauty that emerged when we fought to change ourselves- for ourselves and by ourselves. The trick to true love is to let it be what it is instead of trying to manipulate it to be what we want. When it’s real, it’ll blossom on its own…when it’s ready”.

Below is a picture showing the lady going from plus-sized to looking trim while her husband now goes completely bald.


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