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Why Ladies should stop wearing heels

A physiotherapist, Vincent Shoetan, has said that women who wear high heel shoes regularly risk developing knee problems including arthritis and back pains.

Speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Friday in Lagos, Shoetan advised women not to wear such shoes for long period.

This, according to him, is to avoid developing complications associated with such type of shoes.

“If you want to wear high heels, don’t wear it for long because high heels generally distort the body’s anatomy right from the foot.

“The weight of the body ends at the heels of the foot; it’s from the heels that the weight goes down to the ground.

“But when you wear high heels because your heel is no longer touching the ground, what happens is the weight is now brought forward to your toes.

“And because of that, the pressure is now on your knees.

“Again, it comes down to giving you problems in the future by causing knee problems.

“It can lead to knee pains, arthritis and at the same time for the knees, and at the same time your back.

“It will definitely lead to knee problems, and for some people, back problems.

“So, that’s why we always advise that we wear flat; not necessarily flat all the time, even if you are going to wear anything ‘heely’, don’t wear it for a very long time.

“But flat is usually advisable for women because the problems that come with the heels are numerous.

“You can have what we call plantar fasciitis, which is from the sole of the foot,” he said.

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