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Why I cursed those who criticised me for divorcing my wife – Oluwo of Iwo



Oluwo of Iwo
The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, has revealed why he cursed those who criticized him about his recent actions against his estranged wife, Chanel Chin Akanbi.

In a recent interview with The Punch, Oluwo of Iwo stated that he needed a queen who would serve his people not to record the occurrence of the happenings in Palace. He further said those who criticized him for divorcing her have a wife like her. 

”Yes, may they have the kind of wife that will be recording the activities of her husband and say since her first day in the palace, she has been recording happenings. I want an olori that will love my people and serve them like I am serving my people and share my ideology as a queen. My queen will wear the crown. A queen that is crowned in the king palace should not be a traitor. Check yourself. Will you record your wife? There was a motive for doing that. But is that love? The wife should not be an undercover wife to the husband. So, I pray that those who criticised me because of her should have a wife like her. I have rejected that one and I have kicked her out of my life. May God give them or their children that kind of wife. Or, if they are kings, may God give them wives like her.” – He said