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Why family members of some rich people are poor – Sex therapist, Angela reveals

Popular, Sex therapist, Angela Nwosu has taken to social media to explain why some family members of some rich people are poor.

According to Angela, some family relatives of rich poor only want the lifestyle of their siblings and do not want to put in the work and efforts it requires to attain such level of success.

Taking to her Facebook page, she wrote;

“Nigerians think that once you are rich, all your family members must be rich. They forget that being rich takes a whole lot. You worked your way out of poverty, you had the drive and the ambition, which might not be the same for your family members.
You can give someone 50 million, they won’t still be rich, but give another person 50k, what they will achieve with the money will shock you.

A lot of family members are comfortable with hand me downs from any of their sibling that is doing well. They want to use expensive phones, wear expensive clothes, without doing anything for a living. They want the type of life they didn’t work for, which is not sustainable, all because they have a rich sibling by their side.

If you force them to get a life, think of something they can do so that you will establish them to hustle and work their ways out, they come up with no single business idea, no craft, all they want is to get the money from you, waste it and come back for more, they don’t care how it makes you feel, as long as you have the money, they are entitled to it, because they are family until you allow them to wreck you and pull you down to their level.

Society will judge you for having money and living rich, while you have siblings that are not doing well in life. Very wrong mentality, frustrating one at that. You can only take a horse to the river, but you can’t force the horse to drink water.

Ask such people what exactly they want to do in life, they come up with absolutely nothing. Tell them to tell you what they can do with 5 million nairas, they tell you to give them the money first, that they will figure it out later, that goes to show that they have no ambition, no plans at all, they just want to get money from their rich sibling and waste it, believing there’s more where that came from.

I personally don’t believe one should have mandatory responsibility for their siblings. That you are willing to help people you didn’t give birth to, doesn’t mean you are responsible for them, especially adults.
You see someone that has ambition, they have drive and lucrative business ideas, all they need is capital from you, as compared to a sibling that only wants money to waste. You know what is right, but chose to give your sibling, all because of your warped mentality, you think the universe will bless you? For how long do you think you will continue to do such?
When I hear things like, ‘see how rich he is, but his siblings are suffering in the village’ I shake my head with reckless abandon, the mentality is a terrible one. Don’t judge what you don’t know, your obligatory mentality is wrong.

I believe in pushing people that want to be pushed, family members or not, and ignore those that are only comfortable with hand me downs, feeling entitled to the sweat of their siblings, uncles or aunties.
It’s different, if your siblings have business ideas, and you refuse to help them, then that is sheer wickedness. To read is human, to understand is divine!”

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