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My twin brother is addicted to masturbation – Man cries out

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Masturbation can cause brain issues.

As shared on a popular forum.

Hello. Pls pardon typos and blunders incase of any because I am grossly angry right now.

My twin brother has been addicted to pornography and masturbation for some years now, although I started it since 2006 and stopped in 2016 since I noticed the terrible negative effects on every aspect of my life. All efforts to make him stop proved abortive.

In 2016 he had psychological issues and was admitted in the hospital for a month and he was fine and back to his normal self. At the hospital I read an article here on Nairaland that masturbation can cause brain issues then it dawned on me that that was the cause for his illness but I didn’t disclose it to the doctor and my parents…

He promised and swore to me to never to masturbate again. I’ve been watching him closely and studying him and I am still noticing signs, he probably has stopped masturbating but he still watches porn which also has negative effects on his brain….

Fast forward to what happened this evening. Before I tell you what happened lemme tell you this too. He doesn’t have any vision, no plans, no idea, he just sits at home and wait for his twin bro to bring money home or call mom and dad to help him with cash all these things irritates me so bad. Funnily enough he always talk about having a girlfriend, he tells me being single doesn’t make sense and I react and tell him, which lady will stay with you when you have no vision and plans for yourself let alone for her..

Back to the matter, this evening I returned back home from hustle with some good profit… I can’t remember when last I made such money in a day since this government took over… So I transferred 5k out of the money to his account to help me withdraw from the bank and pay some debts. After spending hours out there I decided to call him and he says “bro I went to see my babe” 30 mins later he calls back

Him: Hello bro, something happened o

Me: what happened

Him: I bought drinks 2k for me and my babe

Me: what the heck? My sweat? I’m very infuriated

Him: pls bro I am sorry bro pls..

Me: *calms down* I have heard you

Him: bro can I go and chill again and relax with another 2k

Me: I give up do whatever you like… *ends call*

How can I help him pls/

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