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Traditionalist blasts Christians for westernising traditional weddings

Traditionalist blasts Christians for westernising traditional weddings

A UK based Nigerian traditionalist has slammed Christians for how they have westernised traditional weddings in the country.

The man identified as Uba Acho wondered why Nigerians have allowed westernization influence their culture which makes them unique.

Read his post below.

”What is Good for the Goose is also Good for the Gander.

If I go to a pastor and said I want to do a church wedding, but I don’t want Bible around on the day, I don’t want the name of Jesus to be mentioned on the day. Because I’m Onye ogo muo (Traditionalist), I don’t subscribe to the bible and I don’t believe in Jesus. Surely no pastor or church will tolerate that.

But when church goers and Christians wanna do Igbo traditional wedding, they come with hundreds of conditions, no palm wine or Mmai Nkwo, no tobacco, no itu mmai (Libetion) which we do in honour of our ancestors who laid the foundation of what we’ve gathered to do. No igu Ofor Ndu, which is our way of communing with the Gods of the land, forces of nature and all the energies that make us who we are as a community, releasing a generational and ancestral blessings and proclamations on the Union.

And we keep tolerating their baggage, keep watering down the things that held us together and make us a unique people. How much more can we keep adjusting our standard for a group who’s intention is to Christianise, westernise and Europeanise every element and institution that make us a unique people? If we don’t put our feet on the ground and push back this invasion, the Igbo race will go extinct, not that Igbo people will all die off literally, but a people without an original self identity, are technically extinct in the committee of races.

Like they say, give to Caesar what belongs to him and to God what belongs to him. If you go to Rome they say, behave like the Romans.

If you don’t like the terms and conditions of a traditional wedding ceremony, please kuku just go and do your Church/white wedding alone or go to the Registry. Is not a must to do traditional wedding if you can’t respect its sacredness.”

Traditionalist blasts Christians for westernising traditional weddings

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