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The end of the pink era: 7 times Dj Cuppy has ditched pink outfits for other colors

Dj Cuppy in non-pink colored clothes.

Dj Cuppy is known for her signature pink outfits, pink hair, and even her pink penthouse. Well it seems that era might be over, as the disc jockey has been seen wearing other colors, and they look amazing on her.

This article will be exploring a few of Dj Cuppy’s non-pink outfits that look stylish.

First on the list is a stunning sleeveless dress with cotton attachments around the hemline. This outfit looks edgy and futuristic while sitting perfectly on DJ Cuppy’s body.

Dj Cuppy in a sleeveless dress with wool attachments.

Secondly, we have a gorgeous red spaghetti strapped dress that almost touched DJ Cuppy’s ankle. The dress fit like a glove, and it helped to accentuate her curves without revealing too much.

Dj Cuppy in a red spaghetti strapped dress.

This third outfit is probably the busiest in this article, in terms of print and design. Dj Cuppy wore an animal print leather jacket, paired with a blank top, and striped animal print trousers.

Dj Cuppy in an animal print leather jacket, paired with a black top, and striped leather pants.

Fourth on the list is a grey sweater jacket, paired with a grey top, a black skirt, black thigh high boots, and a bucket hat. Across her shoulder is a black puffer bag that matches the outfit perfectly. This outfit is a mix between country club and hip hop, and that is what makes it so appealing.

Dj Cuppy in a grey sweater jacket, a grey top, and a black skirt, which was paired with black boots.

In this fifth picture, Dj Cuppy wore a floral dress, with lace patterns around the hem of every layer of the dress. She paired the dress with black boots that looked amazing on her. This dress gives off g**sy vibes, and it suits Dj Cuppy perfectly.

Dj Cuppy in a floral dress with black boots.

Sixth on the list is a gorgeous blue dress with a plunging neckline. The dress is not fitted, as it is long and closely, which gives the illusion of a mini ball gown. Dj word only minimal jewelry, which was just earrings, and nothing else.

Dj Cuppy in a blue dress.

Lastly, we have this gorgeous lace ensemble, made out of white lace material, and a brown sheath underneath. Dj Cuppy paired it with matching white lace gloves, and milk colored heels. Added to this dress was a cute handbag that complimented the outfit perfectly.

Dj Cuppy in a lace dress.

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