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Styling platform shoes like a fashionista: 5 Outfit inspiration that can guide you

Style inspiration for wearing platform shoes.

Platform shoes are back from the 90’s like they never left, and we are here for it. This was a trend that had young people on a chokehold for ages before it went to rest. However, with the new rave if 90’s fashion trends, platform shoes have quickly become a welcome idea in the fashion industry once again. If you want to dive into the trend, then you are in the right place because belle are five ways you can style platform shoes.

1 First outfit on the list is a black maxi skirt, paired with a crop top, a yellow bumper jacket, and a pair of white platform slippers. This outfit has the whole 90’s aesthetics on lock, and it is also easy to put together.

Black maxi skirt paired with a crop top and platform slippers.

2 The second outfit here is every girly girl’s dream, and it consists of a frilly short dress with puffy sleeves, and it was paired with yellow platform heels, alongside a pair of yellow sunshades.

Short frilly dress paired with platform heels.

3 This third outfit looks amazing, and the color combination is just perfect. It consists of a brown suede skirt, a milk-colored tank top, and matching platform shoes that look like crocs.

Brown suede skirt paired with a crop top and platform slippers that look like crocs.

4 Fourth on the list is a white crop top with pink stripes, denim trousers, and a pair of white platform slippers that helped to accentuate the outfit. You can opt to pair the shirt with shorts instead so that there’ll be more focus on the platform slippers.

White crop top with pink stripes paired with trousers and platform slippers.

5 Last on the list is a lovely blue denim dress, paired with shiny tights, and white platform slippers. This outfit has a feminine appeal to it, and the best part is that it will be suitable for different body types.

Lovely denim skirt paired with tights and platform shoes.
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