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Staple fashion pieces that every girl needs in their wardrobe

Staple fashion pieces that every girl needs in her wardrobe.

A good wardrobe is very important for every lady who wants to always step out in style without a hassle. Having staple fashion pieces within reach can help build an amazing wardrobe collection that will turn heads wherever you go. This article will be exploring a few pieces that can get the job done.

Firstly, we have a halter neck top, and this piece has been in the fashion Indy for decades. In this picture, it was paired with capris, or what most Nigerians call three-quarter trousers. You can switch your appearance up by styling the halter neck top with a maxi skirt.

Halter neck top pairs with capris.

In this second picture, we have a two piece o outfit, that consists of a short sleeved top, and trousers. It was paired with a black bag and black heels.

Two piece outfit.

This third outfit is what 90’s fashion dreams are made of. It is a white dress with a collar, no sleeves, and a daring slit in front.

90’s inspired white dress with a collar and a high slit.

At number four, we have a mini disco skirt was a huge hit in the 90’s club scene, and it has made its way back to modern fashion. In this picture, it was paired with a white long sleeved top, a silk wrapped purse, and heels.

Miniskirt paired with a long sleeved top.

Fifth on the list is a cashmere sweater that can be paired with anything. In this picture, it was paired with a sleeveless with dress, a silver capsule purse, and heels.

Cashmere sweater paired with white mini dress.

The sixth outfit here is a cashmere dress that screams luxury. It was paired with black thigh high boots, and a black handbag.

Cashmere dress paired with black boots and a black handbag.

Seventh on the list is a long sleeved top, with one sleeve off the shoulder, and it was paired with black leather combat trousers, black shoes, and a black handbag.

Long sleeved top paired with leather trousers.

Last on the list, we have an off shoulder white top, paired with a pair of baggy combat trouser, a cute purse, and high heels.

White top paired with cargo pants.
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