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Yoruba guys talk too much – Ex-beauty queen, Ronke Tiamiyu

Ex-beauty queen, Ronke Tiamiyu has taken to social media to share what she experienced dating a Yoruba guy and also an Igbo guy. According to her post, most Yoruba guys are very noisy and like to talk more than some women. She drew that as a conclusion after her relationship with dating one of them got ruined because of his lousy and talker-thief nature.

Ronke Tiamiyu wrote:

”Seriously i think yoruba boys talk too much, no offense. I dated an Igbo boy in that same Lagos for 2 years plus and nobody hear am, just few of his close friends, the yoruba boy i dated after him under a week, the relationship was the talk of the town.

I was shook cos me i was still forming coded, as we both agreed to keep it on d low, he told everyone that cared to know and the relationship did not even last for 2 months, not being tribalistic but damn, some Yoruba boys talk way more than women.

I love my relationship on the low, impress me and not the street, if i ever flaunt my man, just know i have reached my final bus stop, maybe on our introduction or traditional marriage not even engagement.”

Yoruba guys are talk too much - Ex-beauty queen, Ronke Tiamiyu

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