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Reno Omokri reveals how Satan uses Valentines day

Reno Omokri has stated that Valentine’s day is another day Satan uses to decieve people into having sex. According to the former presidential aide and pastor, sex is mainly for procreation and not love.

Taking to Twitter, Reno Omokri wrote:

“Valentines Day is coming. It is another opportunity for satan to deceive you that sex is love. Sex is not love. Animal have sex too. The main purpose of sex is recreation. The byproduct is pleasure. Love does not come in. This Valentines Day, celebrate love, not sex #RenosNuggets”

One Twitter is opinned that it would be best if we focus more on the presidential election taking place 2 days after Valentine’s day.

He wrote:

“If only we’d take 16th February as serious as 14th, I think things might turn out better for this country. But trust me, many might still be hungover from the fun of valentine that they won’t vote. Extend the love of valentine to Nigeria, vote wisely.”

Another wrote:

“Sir, please let us have our sex in peace, don’t come and use grammar to spoil show for us.”


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