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Religion is the reason your wife has not stabbed you – Actor, Femi Jacob tells critics

Nollywood actor, Femi Jacobs has called out critics who blame religion for Nigeria’s problem, stating that the it’s the only reason their wives haven’t stabbed them.

The actor via his Twitter handle in a short tweet stated how religion plays an integral role in the society making people upholding good moral standards. He further stated that religion is not Nigeria’s problem rather a saving tool .

Read his tweet below;
“Religion is our problem. Religion is our problem. Well, maybe. But religion is probably the reason your house help has not stabbed you. Or your wife has not shot you in your sleep. It’s good to apply this intellect all round o.

Some of you haven’t paid salaries in 6 months. Where do you think your staff go for comfort? Or you think it’s your charisma that’s keeping you alive? Leave the people be. If you make them face you for answers you’ll know why God is God. Religion is the people’s…hian. Think am.”

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