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Reality star or fashion icon: Liquor Rose’s most memorable looks

Style is personal to almost anyone who has an interest in fashion. The ability to combine outfits that suits your personal taste, while looking stylish at the same time is one that isn’t as reverenced as it should be.

BBNaija alum Liquor Rose is an embodiment of style, grace and poise. The stunning reality star isn’t scared of playing with colors that reflects her essence as a whole.

This article will be highlighting a few of her best fashion statements below.

1. First, we have Liquor Rose in a orange colored two-piece suit. The suit jacket was fitted with a corset, and it also had flyer tails in front that served as a couture moment.

Liquor Rose paired this jacket with a fitted pair of trousers that open up around the ankles.

2. This second picture shows Liquor Rose wearing a black sleeveless tube top, which she paired with tight fitted animal print pants.

For accessories, Liquor Rose opted for a statement choker necklace, and a black bag that blended perfectly with the outfit.

3. This third outfit highlighted one of Liquor Rose’s best couture moments. The red corset top blended seamlessly with the red tights, and the cape by the side. Paired with matching red shoes, this outfit looked like something out of a fashion magazine.

4. Fourth on the list is a gold embellished dress with beads attached all over the dress. With a daring slit at the top, and another in front. It also had a cluster of beads by the sides, and in front.

5. Coming in hot at number five is Liquor Rose in a pink jumpsuit with drop light beads hanging all over it. It also had a plunging neckline that reached her waist. Added to this jumpsuit was a waist belt, and a pair of black pump heels.

6. At number six, Liquor Rose wore a cropped white jacket, paired it with a white camisole, with matching pants, pink heels, and a silver purse.

7. The outfit Liquor Rose wore here looks like something made of sheer fantasy. She wore a red bedazzled mesh dress with a red slip-on underneath, and heels to match.

8. Lastly, we have Liquor Rose in a pink brocade dress that has rosette around the hem. She also added a cute interwoven headdress to the mix, and the end result was simply splendid.

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